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New Kahala

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600 E. Grand Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62901

(618) 529-3388
No Reservations Required
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New Kahala was bought from a relative in the summer months of 1992. The Lo family came to Carbondale looking for a change from the bustling streets of the Big Apple. They wanted to bring in authentic tastes of big city Chinese cuisine, mixed with a bit of a Taiwanese flair. Voila! That sense of purpose led to the food you guys have come to love. The owners brought their years of cooking experience here to provide the expansive variety and quality of a sit-down restaurant; without costing the customers an arm or a leg... Or both! We figure you might need those to eat with.
All entrées are cooked to order. Which means: If your mother never forced you to eat peas, we won't either. Cooking food for the hungry masses requires time (Hey! this isn't some precooked cafeteria food we have here). So, don't just expect to waltz in and out like you might at a stereotypical greasy hamburger joint. Take your time, peruse our variety of menu options, and order your food. If you are adventurous, ask the cashier for suggestions, and go out on limb and try something off the beaten path. After ordering, take a seat, grab a newspaper (or the lecture notes for the class you skipped today), and kick back while we do the real work. Feel free to mingle and converse with our other customers; see what they usually order. Most of them wont bite; and some of the old timers may have a funny story or two. While you are texting or just chuckling at the employees running about, you may notice our plethora of signs and policies. It may seem a bit quirky... we know... but it's what allows us to provide larger portions of your favorite dish at an affordable price. So the next time you are hungry, grab a friend or two and come on down to enjoy some delicious Chinese food.
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